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Creating wedding rings and lasting memories

The studio has been a hive of activity recently with couples creating their wedding rings and making memories at my wedding ring workshops! It feels such a privilege to help couples create their wedding rings which will become such a personal and significant symbol of their upcoming marriage. Following on from our initial consultation, Chloe and Sam visited my studio in late May to make each other's wedding rings. Chloe chose 9ct yellow gold to match with her engagement ring and Sam chose silver. They both chose a hammered texture finish and personalised the inside of their rings by stamping their initials and wedding date. As part of the day, I took a set of photos for the couple to...

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Personalising wedding rings with stamped letters

I am often asked if it is possible to personalise rings with stamping letters and numbers on the inside. So long as the rings are at least 2mm, this is possible, as I have letter and number stamps starting from 1.5mm in size.   Fran and Joe created their beautiful sterling silver twist wedding rings, with their wedding date stamped onto the inside of the rings.   Phil and Lee also personalised their 9ct rose gold rings with their wedding date, initials and also some personalised symbols.   Penny & Karl added paw prints symbols to their rings because their three dogs are a central part of their family story.   Darren & Lauren stamped a memorable romantic saying which...

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