Personalising wedding rings with stamped letters

I am often asked if it is possible to personalise rings with stamping letters and numbers on the inside. So long as the rings are at least 2mm, this is possible, as I have letter and number stamps starting from 1.5mm in size.


Fran and Joe created their beautiful sterling silver twist wedding rings, with their wedding date stamped onto the inside of the rings.


Phil and Lee also personalised their 9ct rose gold rings with their wedding date, initials and also some personalised symbols.


Penny & Karl added paw prints symbols to their rings because their three dogs are a central part of their family story.


Darren & Lauren stamped a memorable romantic saying which had huge significance for them, alongside the date they met, inside their 18ct yellow gold wedding rings. Lauren also used some of the stamps to create a pattern on the outside of her ring.

If couples prefer a more formal font, we can arrange to have this done for you too after the ring making day, but I generally find that the stamping option is very popular, as people enjoy the fact that they have added the message to their wedding rings themselves, as it adds to the story of their creation. I take around 30 photos during the day of the entire ring making process which I email to couples afterwards, so that they can share their wedding ring making experience with their loved ones. And if their rings turn out as well as all of these rings did, the photos are evidence that they actually made them!


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