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Creative jewellery workshops with friends

My creative jewellery workshops are a fantastic opportunity to get together with your friends to celebrate a special birthday, just as these four friends (who were all at school together and have remained close friends ever since!) who joined me in the studio for a fun, creative day of jewellery making to celebrate Claire’s birthday! As you can see they thoroughly enjoyed working in both silver and copper and created a range of pieces, including silver rings, silver bangles, pendants and earrings. During the day, they learnt how to texture the metal by hammering, and using leaf skeletons through the rolling mill, and how to use number and letter stamps to personalise their pieces, they also learned how to solder...

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Andy’s kilt pin… happily ever after

Scotsman Andy (an engineer) had always wanted to make his own kilt pin. His lovely girlfriend Amelia emailed me and booked a workshop for Andy as a surprise birthday present. He had a super day in the studio, creating his bespoke kilt pin, with precise measurements and folding involved. We made a copper model first to make sure it would all work out and iron out any issues with the construction. What Amelia didn’t know at the time, was that whilst she was booking the workshop for Andy to make his kilt pin, Andy was also emailing me, as he wanted to come to the studio to make Amelia an engagement ring so that he could propose! It really made...

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Sue’s silver threepenny necklace

My creative jewellery workshops are the perfect place for you to create a special and personal piece of jewellery. Sue got in touch as she had some silver threepenny coins and wondered if it would be possible to turn them into a necklace. The answer was yes! We had a great day, planning and making up her design. We made all the links in between the coins by twisting silver wire, and planned out how the coins would lie so that there were a mixture of ‘fronts’ and backs. Drilling the holes in the coins required a good deal of concentration as we wanted them to be nice and accurate. We drilled with a very fine drill first, to get...

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