Andy’s kilt pin… happily ever after

Scotsman Andy (an engineer) had always wanted to make his own kilt pin. His lovely girlfriend Amelia emailed me and booked a workshop for Andy as a surprise birthday present.

He had a super day in the studio, creating his bespoke kilt pin, with precise measurements and folding involved. We made a copper model first to make sure it would all work out and iron out any issues with the construction.

What Amelia didn’t know at the time, was that whilst she was booking the workshop for Andy to make his kilt pin, Andy was also emailing me, as he wanted to come to the studio to make Amelia an engagement ring so that he could propose! It really made me smile at the time, that they were both planning a such a lovely thing for each other at exactly the same time. Luckily, us jewellers are incredibly good at keeping these lovely secrets!

Andy made Amelia a beautiful engagement ring. At his request, I sourced an unusual rose cut diamond and we set it into 18ct rose gold which has a lovely warmth which complimented the vintage cut of the stone beautifully.

And once they were engaged, they came to the studio together and created their own wedding rings, which they made by melting down some family gold. Such a precious story and memories for them both to treasure via the pieces they made.


Andy annealing some copper for a test piece


The copper test piece for Andy's kilt pin


Planning the final design on paper


Andy creating the fold using a vice and hide mallet


The silver kilt pin coming along nicely


Andy holding the completed kilt pin


The engagement ring Andy made secretly for Amelia


The engagement ring Andy made secretly for Amelia


Andy and Amelia melting gold to create their wedding rings


Amelia preparing to solder Andy's gold wedding ring


Amelia adding hammered texture to Andy's wedding ring


Andy & Amelia's completed gold wedding rings


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