Jewellery and silverware commissions

Jewellery commissions

I often work to commission for clients who like the style overall of my work and would like a bespoke piece created. I have applied my style to create designs which have included a silver marmalade spoon, fold formed napkin rings featuring a family crest, engagement rings and wedding rings incorporating gemstones from family heirlooms, and remodelled gold jewellery.

I love to create these special one-off pieces, and enjoy hearing the stories behind them. If you think you might be interested in commissioning a piece, please make an enquiry. An appointment can be made to visit the studio to discuss your design, and I do find an in person meeting to be incredibly helpful to gain a greater sense of what you are looking for me to make. You can also make an appointment to discuss commissions by phone, email or video call.

Enquire about a jewellery or silverware commission

Due to the care that goes into them, and because they often involve ordering in specific materials and hallmarking, commissions take a bit longer to create than the pieces in my collections, and so a bespoke piece can take at least 6-8 weeks from initial enquiry.

Silver commissions start from £100.


Silverware commissions

Would you like to create it yourself?

Some people who come to me for commissions, actually hadn't considered the option of actually making the item themselves. I've found this to be a wonderful way to fully immerse yourself in the project, and I can be on hand to work on it alongside you and assist with any very tricky making elements if you would like me to. Read more about these private workshops on my Creative Jewellery Workshops page.


An engagement ring made on one of my Creative Jewellery Workshops. A rose cut diamond set into 18ct rose gold.

An engagement ring made on one of my Creative Jewellery Workshops; a rose cut diamond set into 18ct rose gold.

What I don't do…

I'm sorry but I don't undertake jewellery repairs for items which I have not made, or replica work. Please do not ask me to quote for copying another maker or designers jewellery or silverware, as I only accept commissions that are based around my own designs, or commissions to design and make original jewellery or silverware which fit in with my overall style.

If it is repairs or replica work you are looking for, you could try:

Enquire about a commission