Sue’s silver threepenny necklace

My creative jewellery workshops are the perfect place for you to create a special and personal piece of jewellery. Sue got in touch as she had some silver threepenny coins and wondered if it would be possible to turn them into a necklace. The answer was yes!

We had a great day, planning and making up her design. We made all the links in between the coins by twisting silver wire, and planned out how the coins would lie so that there were a mixture of ‘fronts’ and backs. Drilling the holes in the coins required a good deal of concentration as we wanted them to be nice and accurate. We drilled with a very fine drill first, to get the holes located perfectly, then changed to a slightly larger drill bit. We finished the necklace off with some chain for the back as to make it the perfect length for Sue to wear.

Sue enjoyed her day so much that she came on a second workshop to create a beautiful pendant with a huge personal significance. She chose to incorporate some 9ct yellow gold with the silver in the twisted wire pendant that she made. It was lovely to see how her confidence grew from one workshop day to the next, and she now has two treasured and truly personal necklaces to wear.


Close up of Sue's finished necklace


Sue's completed necklace


Sue's silver and gold pendant she made on her second workshop day with me 


"A fantastic day with a really beautiful and very special piece of jewellery to enjoy. Thank you so much, Sue."


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