‘X Marks the spot’

Megan and Luke are a delightful couple who have had to postpone their wedding in Georgia due to Covid-19. But they were all smiles in July when they were able to spend the day in my studio creating their wedding rings and we spent a great day together, chatting everything from music to growing our own veg to vintage clothes shopping.

As we all establish new routines for 2020 Lockdown v2, I've have been required to close the door for jewellery workshops for the time being. I was able to open for a few workshops over the summer and early autumn which has been lovely. Like many of my couples, Megan and Luke weren't able to go ahead with their wedding plans as they hoped. Instead, they chose to re-schedule their wedding ring workshop (which had been due to take place in April) to the weekend that they were going to be getting married in July, and had plans to make a day of it with a special dinner to follow the workshop, and I think they were going to wear their new wedding rings just for the evening too! They made these stunning 9ct white gold wedding rings, stamped on the inside with the coordinates of where they first met. One ring with the longitude and the other with the latitude, so you would need both rings together to find the location! Megan's ring was also shaped to fit perfectly against her stunning emerald engagement ring. A silver lining day for them both indeed. And I very much hope that their wedding day v2 will go ahead as planned!


This is the 9ct white gold ready for Luke and Megan to make their wedding rings with


Megan and Luke stamping the coordinates onto the inside of their wedding rings


Megan using a piercing saw to cut her wire to the correct length


Close up of the stamped coordinates


Bending the ring into shape with ring pliers


Soldering the wedding ring


Luke forming the perfect round shape using a hide mallet and a mandrel


Megan adding the fine hammered texture to the surface of her ring


Luke sanding the edge of his wedding ring with the pendant motor


Megan and Luke working together, polishing Megan’s wedding ring with the pendant motor


Megan and Luke’s finished 9ct white gold wedding rings


Megan and Luke’s finished 9ct white gold wedding rings in their boxes


Megan and Luke in the workshop doorway at the end of the day, holding their new wedding rings

"What a great day we've had making our wedding rings! The experience was beautiful. Would highly recommend. All the best, Megan & Luke xx"


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