The envelope project in March

On 1st March for the envelope project, as we were still homeschooling, I asked my daughter Bryony to choose the envelope, and inside was a long leaf shaped black obsidian bead, which originally came from a strand of about twelve beads. I only have a very few of these left. I contemplated using a couple for some earrings, but when it came to it, a new pendant design was what felt right - and in a new twist, I made it so that bead in the centre of the pendant and can be rotated. It hangs from a continuous 'over the head' chain, with two hammered leaf outline details. It was great fun making this one, I like the tactile addition of the moving bead, even if figuring out the technicalities was...a little challenging.


Close up of the new leaf pendant featuring the black obsidian bead which rotates, adding a lovely tactile element to this necklace


The pendant hangs from a continuous 'over the head' chain, with the addition of two hammered leaf outline details


On the reverse, the fittings are discreetly integrated into the spine of the leaf