Completing the dragonfly pendant

In January, I chose an exquisite small square amethyst cabochon to use in a new design. By the end of January, the piece was almost complete although I hadn't actually set the stone in place - this is the part where the bezel is pushed over the stone, anchoring it in place. And so, last week, I finally set the beautiful amethyst cabochon into the dragonfly pendant and gave it the final polish to complete.

I really enjoyed incorporating the leaf texture onto the wings of the dragonfly, the texture is on both front and back of the wings. There is also a subtle hammered texture on the body of the dragonfly, which was forged by hand from a single bar of silver. 

Once the pendant was complete, for a bit of fun, I took the dragonfly pendant for a tour of the garden, where it felt most at home.


Finished Dragonfly pendant doing a 'tour' of the garden in the sunshine


Sterling silver and amethyst dragonfly pendant, the completed piece from January's selected gemstone from the Envelope Project